Friday, February 17, 2012

Paper vs. Digital

I was one of those people who always said, "I want to hold a book in my hands!" I really believed it. And I will admit I do like having books around me. They're like old friends or a comfortable pair of jeans. But I'm also a modern woman and an author who has several books out, both in print and in digital formats. So for Christmas the only thing I wanted was a Kindle. I wanted it so I could download my own books and make sure the formatting looked right. And I thought I'd also download a book every once in a while.

I am now officially addicted to Kindle. I love that I have tons of books at my disposal ALL THE TIME! It's great not to have to worry about losing my place if I get up and forget to bookmark my page. And because I really don't want to pay the high prices that traditional publishers insist on charging for eBooks, I'm getting acquainted with a lot of Indie authors and finding that some of my favorite mainstream authors like F. Paul Wilson and Dean Koontz have plenty out there for $2.99 and less. I did step up to the plate and pay $7.99 for the new Sue Grafton. It was worth it.

I will probably buy a conventional book every once in a while. But only if it's one I absolutely, positively have to have and only if the price between the conventional book and the eBook is just a few dollars apart. But then again, maybe not. I've always had a thing for gadgets and my Kindle Touch is a gadget that I love. It's lightweight, small enough to bring anywhere, GREAT for going on trips ( I used to have to lug a bunch of reading materials with me whenever I went on vacation or a business trip) and not only can I download books, I can download games.

The only drawback, as far as I can see, is that you must remember to recharge your eReader. The charge lasts for a long time but it's still a necessity and I can imagine getting all in a dither if I forgot to do it. Then I'd have to sit there, tethered to my computer in order to read and get charged simultaneously. But I'm a pretty savvy gal and I think I can remember to plug in that puppy before I got to bed so all of my goodies will be waiting for me when I arise and once again greet the day.

So there you have it. I am a traitor to paper. I have been seduced by the digital age. And I'm unrepentant.

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  1. me too 'I like to hold a book in my hands' was exactly what I thought....But now, on Kindle, I can always afford the book I want to read, I can read them in the dark (my baby is still in my room-turning the light on to read an actual book would wake her up) so I too am addicted, also we are saving trees and the environment!! I love your blog Ann!
    Maybe you could check my e-book out, I always do free promotions :)